History For Kids – Ancient Greece

Greek Hero BBC Primary History – Ancient Greece

A site full of images, video, and resources about life in Ancient Greece.  It features the game – Greek Hero – Solve tasks and learn about Sparta, Olympia, and Athens as you explore the city to become a Greek Hero! British Museum

BM GreeceBritish Museum Ancient Greece Site
Great for facts, reference, and interactive materials.  Captain a trireme, see if you could be a Spartan Solider, and match the gods with actual artefacts – fun in the challenge section of each topic!



oracle Ask the Oracle – an animated story about Apollo and the Oracle, as well as an interactive question and answer section with the Oracle – very good for learning about Delphi.  There are a few edutainment type games on the site as well (Athenians vs. Amazons!) good for if someone needs a reward, but not very educationally strong.


Greek Pot Painter – a great little interactive tool to create greek pottery.  I would use it to create a pot to match a myth we’ve read or written or part of greek life we have studied.  You can even print or screen capture your creations!




Odyssey Online – an interactive portal to learn about life in Ancient Greece by examining real historical artifacts to piece together the civilization.  It’s more of an interactive textbook, with a large amount of excellent information.



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