Lure of the Labyrinth & Villainy, Inc.

LureLure of the Labyrinth is a multimodal text combining illustrated comic style text, and problem solving puzzles.  The character is on a quest to find their missing pet but must disguise themselves as a monster to fit in and go into the Labyrinth.


As they journey through the maze more elements of the story are uncovered and mathematical based logic puzzles are presented to be solved.  You create an account before you start, and as an educator you can set them up for your class ahead of time.


The combination of the interactive problems and self guided exploration of the story brings alive a story of adventure in an amazing world.  The mythological beasts and creatures you encounter provide an opportunity to explore mythology and imagination.  The graphics of the comics and the labyrinth bring alive a place of imagination and storytelling.

Villainy, Inc is another interactive literacy math game by Thinkport, the makers of Lure of the Labyrinth.  Villainy, Inc is very similar with a mission to solve with math problems and a larger narrative.

Villany Inc

There is a whole/hole clever homonym play on the word golf and gulf and great animation with optional subtitles to introduce the narrative that the math problems are based around.

The problems offer multiple tools to solve the problems and multiple ways, numerical, manipulative, and visual methods of solving the problems.

villany Inc2

The entire premise is you are trying to spend all of Dr. Wick’s money so along with algebraic, numeric, and calculation problems, it is all based around money. It doesn’t appear as though you can save your work as you go, but it is divided into two missions so you can work through just one at a time, each mission has four problems so it’s not too bad to work through them in one sitting.  It took me about 20 minutes to finish mission 1.  You have two advisors to give you hints and clues when you are solving the problems.  I really like this feature of games, students can find the help and support when they need it.

There are supporting lesson plans to build the skills used in solving the problems here

The Lure of the Labyrinth problems are more mental math and creative problem solving based, while Villainy, Inc. is more logical, computation based.  Both are appropriate for Upper Primary and Middle School Math and Language work.

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  1. Hello again,
    Jeni Stovall from Dr. Strange’s EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama. I think these games would be a wonderful tool to use in the classroom when trying to teach math. It would spark student interest and they would actually want to do their work instead of looking at it as something that needs to be done. Great Find!!

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