Styluses–Assistive Technology

20130505_205008Styluses are great for learners who have fine motor struggles or those who like to draw or write on iPads or other tablets. I’ve tried out a few and have a few favourites.

My simplest go to Stylus for drawing is a basic Merkury Stylus, the purple Stylus in the photo.  It is inexpensive and allows me to photomindmap, my main use of a stylus on my iPad.  I take notes during meetings or presentations as mindmaps.  My favourite app for mindmapping is Notability.

For students who have trouble with 20130505_205959touch features I really like the Cosmonaut Stylus by Studio Neat. It is thick and about the size of a whiteboard marker. It has a rubber grip and is very smooth on the screen.  I really like it, and at only $25 it is especially good for our young learners.

The third stylus isn’t for tablets, but is an extra big Nintendo DS pen.  The Nintendo DS just needs a basic plastic stylus, and the default styluses are very thin and hard to handle for some learners, especially young ones with a project like Nintendogs. The pencil stylus came with the game Scribblenauts, but a similar stylus for the Nintendo could be created and it just has to be plastic without any wires or metal in it.

Touch screens are a fabulous technology, but some users need a pen type stylus for different functions.  There are good options out there to support our learners.

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