TodaysMeet is a simple, clean chat tool. Teachers can create a space for students to share and contribute. There are no adds and no sign up needed.  Students do have to enter a name to join a room, making them accountable for their comments.

Students could post questions or observations during a video clip, reading, or class discussion. Check out this example from my own classroom –


To create a room go to –
1) Give your room a name – keep it simple it is the web address, or URL, you are going to send your students to.
2) Choose a length of time, the room disappears after this, but you can save a transcript of the conversation.

3) Choose Create Your Room


Give students the address your created and they have to enter a name to join the room.  Insist they use their real name so they are accountable for their comments.


After students join they can post comments, read others and respond.The save transcript button is at the bottom. (circled in red below)


The tool is simple, but the possible uses are endless!

2 thoughts on “TodaysMeet

  1. This is an excellent way to get students involved in classroom discussion. This tool alone is stetting highschool students up for college. I am a student at the University of South Alabama. Most of our classes are web blended and most professors require you to participate in the online discussion forum. Not only will you have to create your own place in the forum, but most of the time you have to comment on a classmates, maybe 3 discussion forum. Teaching students early on how to work these forums and how to use them in ways to expand their knowledge, will get them one step closer to being better college students.

  2. Hello Ms. Deyenberg, my name is Allison Sells and I am a graduate student at the University of South Alabama seeking an alternative masters in Education. I am enrolled in EDM510 and am to read and comment on the blog of a teacher that has been assigned to me. I will be summarizing my visits to your blog on my own blog by March 4th. Here is a link to my blog: This is my first semster in Education so I am not very familiar with a lot of the terminology teachers use. Before reading your post I had no idea what backchanneling was. I think that TodayMeet is a great tool. I think many kids are more comfortable typing what they think that they are speaking vocally in front of a class. This tool may help to draw some students into a classroom discussion than would be in a traditional setting. I am curious as to whether this tool is used exclusively in classroom discussions or can you use it as part of homework and continue your discussions after school hours? If you do this, so all of your students have at home internet access and if not how do you handle this?

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